#IngressFS - Pune, India - June 2023

Date/Time: 03-Jun-2023 10:00 am UTC +5.5 //
Base Portal: Millenium Garden Entrance // Intel Link // Google Maps
Event Channel: t.me/IFSPUNE t.me/+D24nCSOGuMQ4NTI1

Event Description

Ingress FS (Online), पुणे, India | June, 2023.


Once again FevGames has given us the opportunity to participate in Virtual FS from the comforts of our couch and beds.
Since ours is not an Onsite event, this FS also won't reward any bonuses, so no matter how much you want to go outside, just Stay Home, sit back, relax and just recharge some portals like you always do. You know the drill. Hahaha...

New Eligibility Criteria for IFS Badge:-
1. Minimum 5000 AP earned & 10000 XM Recharge.
2. Selfie with any Ingress related item on you.
Agents who will be Submitting 0 stats will not get their stats verified.

Stats Link

Upload stats here

A photo/selfie with the agent clearly visible and some Ingress related items on you is mandatory for the FS badge count increase.

Auto Score Sheet Data


# Agent NameLevel GainAP GainXM Recharged