#IngressFS - Boise, ID, United States - June 2023

Date/Time: 03-Jun-2023 11:00 am UTC -6 //
Base Portal: Idaho Capitol Building // Intel Link // Google Maps
Restocking Portal: Heliotrope, 2013 // Intel Link // Google Maps
Event Channel: t.me/+SnPUzK4Iz5BkNmUx


Stat Total Enl // Res
Lvl 1
AP 997,509
Agents 12
AP/Agent 83,126
Bonus 955,692
Group Photo // June 2023 All Cities Scores // Boise, ID, United States All Time Scores
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Event Description

IN PERSON First Saturday. Welcome Back to Boise. After 3+ years we want to see all of you in person. Please Join us in Downtown Boise. Meet at the State Capitol Building at 10:45 for pictures and instructions. In Person FS is a scavenger hunt so bring your walking shoes.

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Enl Leader Res Leader
Pabrana AgentX1976