#IngressFS - Charlottetown, Canada - October 2023

Date/Time: 07-Oct-2023 11:00 am UTC -3 //
Base Portal: Province House Of PEI // Intel Link // Google Maps
Event Channel: t.me/maritimeIFS

Event Description

Maritime 42nd at home IFS event with virtually participation. Returning to Charlottetown, PEI where we will have several activities:

Join our Google Meet IFS video chat to help solve the passcode challenge and communicate during the IFS.

For each Agent to qualify for the IFS event badge they MUST each provide both (1) a new picture for the event and (2) upload their start & end stats with at least 10k XM of recharging.

(1)Capture a new Agent picture with a sign that includes IFS, your Agent Name, Event Date and Event Location. Include something that relates to Ingress, like your favorite Ingress T-shirt, colors, scanner, swag, or home-made sign. Send your new picture to the Telegram maritimeIFS channel or as PM to J1vvy or Energod through any messaging app.

(2)Upload your start & your end stats to Charlottetown IFS Stats Form. Must recharge at least 10k XM.

You will know you have qualified when:
Your Agent Name and score appear on the event page under the Score Sheet Data section.

To qualify as a team, we must:
- Have at least 10 Agents that submitted valid images and stats.
- Solve the Charlottetown Portal Hunt Passcode Challenge.

Schedule: ( All Times in Atlantic UTC -4:00 )
10:45 AM - Video Chat active
11:00 AM - Event start / upload start stats
1:00 PM - Event end / upload end stats
1:30 PM - Check that you are on the leaderboard on this page

Auto Score Sheet Data


# Agent NameLevel GainAP GainXM Recharged