#IngressFS - Pittsburgh, PA, United States - June 2024

Date/Time: 01-Jun-2024 09:00 am UTC -4 //
Base Portal: State Violence Incites Rioting // Intel Link // Google Maps
Restocking Portal: Deluca's Chicken // Intel Link // Google Maps
Event Channel: t.me/SWPAIFS
Group Photo Status: Not Submitted // More Info
Event group photos and score submissions were due on 7 June. Please submit your details as soon as possible to avoid missing out on the FS badge this month.

Event Description

Pittsburgh June Ingress First Saturday!
Agents, come join us for IFS! This time we will do it in the morning at Strip District! 9 - 11 am, June 1st, 2024.

Check-in at La Prima Espresso (205 21st St, Pittsburgh, PA 15222) before 9 am.
Nivellen and SP1NDA will be there starting at 8:30 am to check agents in. We will take a group picture at 9 am; agents must appear in the picture to get credit for first Saturday.

After the event, we will gather at Cafe Raymond (2009 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15222) nearby for some restocking and good Biers!

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SP1NDA Nivellen