IngressFS@Home June Update

While all the details for June FS@Home were released last week on the IngressFS@Home Guide page, here is a short run down on some of the tweaks we’ve made that organisers should be aware of as well as some tips for a successful FS event in June. Make sure you read the IngressFS@Home Guide page for all the finer details.

  • Event Registration will close on Monday May 25th, 11:59PM UTC
  • May FS showed us that large online events can be difficult to manage, so once your event hits the 100 RSVP mark, the event page will automatically recommend agents to consider joining nearby events.
    • The main reasons we are adding this recommendation is because city Passcodes are limited to 100 redeems and most large events last month had a much lower number of verified agents compared to their RSVP numbers.
    • Events with more than 100 RSVPs will still be able to go ahead and everyone that gets verified will get the badge if the event is successful.
  • To reduce the chance of agents being disappointed by joining events that don’t get verified, We’ll be cancelling any events that do not have at least 10 RSVPs by May 30th, 11:59pm UTC.
    • 90% of events with less than 10 RSVPs in May did not go ahead. This will significantly cut down the number of failed events.
    • If there is any other reason your event isn’t going ahead, please contact an IFS-UN rep to cancel the event.
  • When selecting a base portal, choose one in a portal dense area like a city or town, with at least 100 portals within a 5km radius.
    • When registering your city, we highly recommend that you choose places that you and your community members have visited and are familiar with the surrounding portals.
    • The portal density may be required for the passcode challenge, insufficient portals in the area may result in your passcode not being solvable.
    • Solving the passcode and submitting it to the master challenge will be mandatory for the city to get the badge in June.
  • Include key details in your event’s description on the Registration Form
    • Please include Primary language, Participation requirements and the Communication platform that will be used.
  • Set up the Auto Score Sheet with your co-organizer and make sure it’s linked to your event on the Event Registration form.
    • Make sure you are using v2.6 of the Auto Score Sheet so that you have all the latest features and fixes available.
    • When it’s set up correctly, you’ll be able to see the leaderboard headings on the event page.
    • We’ve created an instructions page for both Organisers and Attendees: How to use the Auto Score Sheet
    • Data Validation has been added to the Form attached to the Auto Score Sheet to make sure the data is not corrupted before submitting it. If agents are getting an error when submitting the form, they need to go back to the Ingress app and copy their stats again and not paste them anywhere else before pasting into the form.