Incoming Transmission

Over the weekend Operations Essex received multiple messages from Dr. Edgar Allen Wright that were from the Nia Researchers trapped by Nemesis. The messages were received as such;

[Edgar Allan Wright]

This is Edgar. Will be fully on board after my birthday. Received this. Can Essex Translate. Have reason to believe it is of distant origin.

Bpqa qa Lmdzi… Qn ivgwvm qa ammqvo bpqa, xtmiam iksvwetmlom. Qv kmzbiqv xpiama em kiv amm gwc.

Em bzqml bw amvl gwc i eizvqvo bpzwcop bpm akivvmz. Lql gwc amm qb?

Investigators were able to get this translation from it by decoding it.

This is Devra… If anyone is seeing this, please acknowledge. In certain phases we can see you. We tried to send you a warning through the scanner. Did you see it?

This message is believed to show that the new sequences released during Myriad were in fact from the Researchers. Giving us more thoughts on what those sequences are telling us to do. Investigators rushed to post on comms coded messages that they received the messages the researchers sent. Edgar once again returned to Essex yesterday with more for agents to decode.

[Edgar Allan Wright]

I ve r cei ed a oth r me age

Wy Khbcny bpweicen wiv’w coofh po ymekmek t dal dm gyno l pvhnnqjjwirn bxp. Wx’vv nszrz ao ndrsgpe l pvhnnqjjwirn bq Puxwuhc, 8/13, rx 10 TT Pnmgtcc etii. Auii je mf boh fwn.

Re eiv d ry tic e sage: ‘Thank you. We all have bread and water here.’

Again, Investigators jumped to decode this message. 

I have received another message

Dr Kureze believes she’s close to finding a way to send a transmission out. We’re going to attempt a transmission on Tuesday, 8/13, at 10 AM Pacific time. Tune in if you can.

What does this mean agents? This next tuesday (8/13) it seems a transmission will go out at 10 am PST. We have no details on what this transmission will be. Will it be more glyphs or maybe that event we had a sneak peek of early this week? I am certain we will see soon! Keep your eyes out agents!


For those who do not know Dr Edgar Allen Wright is the founder of Operation Essex and a character of Niantics. They are an official account of Niantic for lore drops so this piece of information is not fake. If you are interested in joining the investigation please feel free to contact Ishira or any of the Essex admins for a Telegram invite. You can get the admins name from this TG link.