Ingress 5 Year Event

The Ingress five year event has started today right after Niantic’s live stream on Facebook this morning. Check out the announcement details from Niantic!

Along with double AP, Niantic has a few extra things for us this year:

  • Agents can place two L7 and two L8 resonators per person per portal.
  • Agents can use up to four mod slots per portal.
  • A limited time free Year 5 Bundle will be added to the in app store.

These are all available for the duration of the two week event starting today (11/15/17) and ending 11:59am Pacific Time (PST) on 11/29/17.


Special Limited-Time Year 5 Bundle


NOTE: This Key locker does not count towards the limit of 5 per Agent. You can still purchase the 5 Key lockers from the store and have this as a 6th Key locker! This essentially moves the max item cap to 2600. Collect the Year 5 Bundle ASAP before it goes away!

Along with this, we were given a peek at the new five year badge that will not be available until after the event.

Bronze Medal: Level 3 – 8
Silver Medal: Level 9 – 12
Gold Medal: Level 13 & 14
Platinum Medal: Level 15
Onyx Medal: Level 16