Ingress APK Teardown [1.103.0]

Hi everyone and welcome back to another Ingress teardown. We skipped blogging about version 1.102.0, as there was nothing interesting worth blogging about. However, 1.103.0 brings an interesting change or two warranting a post. So let’s jump into it.

Warning Screen


It seems nearly 3 years later we are getting a warning before playing. The first time you get this update you will be required to accept the warning before playing.


Upsight v4

We have had a few updates regarding Upsight and another arrives. This update brings some new analytical events to track

  • GL_TEXTURE_SIZE (nerd property to determine how powerful your device is with graphics)
  • Timestamp on “Ingress News” pop ups
  • Timestamp on “Safety Warning” approval

The more interesting part is that Upsight now bulk sends the data in one request versus sending data constantly throughout multiple requests. This batched approach is a lot cleaner on the battery and still provides the analytical data Niantic needs. If you ever got a notification about an upcoming anomaly — that was Upsight at work.



This version was built on June 22 and obtained on June 27. A short teardown, but a few small changes to blog about. I’ll see you guys next time.