Ingress APK Teardown [1.104.0]

Hi everyone and welcome back to another Ingress teardown. The world is currently taken away by the popularity and rush of Pokémon Go, but Ingress lives on. So let us jump into what has changed with version 1.104.0.

Banned Agents

When someone was banned, viewing their Agent Profile would normally result in “Scanner running hot. Wait for cooldown to view more agent profiles.” This was misleading as it could be either you viewing too many profiles in a short period of time or the profile in question was actually banned.

We saw the addition of a new string.

    <string name="PROFILE_BANNED">Agent no longer in the system.</string>

This string should properly reflect banned accounts.


Upsight v5

When Upsight and Crittercism first launched, there was a minor outcry in the amount of requests it was sending. In the beginning it was nearly an extra request for each Niantic request sent. In the subsequent releases of Upsight, these requests were batched to prevent unneeded requests. Now with the release of 1.104.0 there is a new probability field which generated a lottery percent for which device will provide analytical data.

With these continued tweaks, Niantic continues to get the analytical data it needs and the end user (you) use less data.



Our last major change in Ingress was the tweaks to Turrets 4 versions ago, but with the conclusion of Aegis Nova near it wouldn’t make sense to tweak the gameplay with feature change(s). What we can’t ignore talking about is the alarming success of Pokémon Go. The money Niantic is making might potentially spill over to Ingress which would be great for everyone