Ingress APK Teardown [1.107.0]

Hello everyone and welcome back to another Ingress teardown. Things seem to be slowing down Ingress development wise unless all the work is on Ingress 2.0. Like prior versions, there are a few things in this version we can recap.

ADA Welcome

We previously had Jarvis welcoming us while launching the application. This has been replaced with an ADA’s audio clip that can be played below.

Or if you missed the Jarvis/ADA one from the previous version. That is also below for comparison.

Investigate Ingress

The Community tab has seen an upgrade adding a link to the website.



My guess is that Ingress updates will be solely for tiny tweaks, anomaly beacon updates and bug fixes until this rumoured Ingress 2.0 launches. The success of PokemonGo cannot be ignored so the underlying engine and framework of that game is probably where Ingress is heading.

We saw the addition of the permission – android.hardware.location.gps. I thought this was already required, so a bit confused why it is just now being requested. With that, I’ll see you guys whenever we get another Ingress version!