Ingress APK Teardown [1.112.0]

Hey everyone, it has been awhile no doubt since we last wrote a teardown. Things have been truly small in terms of scanner changes in the past few months with the exceptions of new beacons and glyph changes. However, this version had two changes which warrant a little post, so let’s jump into version 1.112.0.

RIP – Panoramio

One of the image source providers for portals was Panoramio. Ingress in the beginning and still to this day isn’t all powered by agent contributed photos. With the unfortunate shut down of this provider many portal images are now dead as those images were rotated out. This was noticed after extra code was added around portal images in the scanner.

If you notice a portal with the ugly default image, it was probably holding an image from Panoramio. Get to taking some photos and replace those ugly placeholders!


New Audio

We gained the speech_welcome_olw_crossed_the_bridge file which replaced the now removed speech_now_i_remember file (which was added in 1.107.0). This audio file should play periodically when launching the application.


This version was built on January 17, 2017 and yes this teardown was very short. Our last blogged version was 1.108.1, so we skipped 1.109.0, 1.110.0 and 1.111.0 all of which were nothing interesting. I’ll see some of you at Jacksonville Mission Day and see the rest of you for the next version!