Ingress APK Teardown [1.116.0] – Bye Bye Spam Edition

Hello everyone and welcome back to another Ingress teardown. We skipped blogging about versions 1.114 and 1.115 as we couldn’t find anything worth blogging about. However, this version included quite a quality of life enhancement so it was worth a small blog post. So let’s jump right into it, with version 1.116.0.

Bye Bye Spam

After discovering tiny code changes to COMM related functions, I couldn’t figure out what changed. I kept looking for visual changes, but what was missing was the change. The 7-9 massive COMM spam that litters faction and public COMM every hour was gone. I couldn’t believe it.


It seems, from initial research, that banned account’s messages are removed from COMM.

There additionally has to be enhancements of preventing new spam, because now 18 hours later I’ve yet to see 1 spam message. I do unfortunately hear about other regions still experiencing spam so curious if this is maybe a regional roll out.

Update: A few new accounts have spammed my local area. It will be interesting to see if their messages disappear after the ban.
Update2: The account that spammed my local area was banned, upon closing and reopening the application those messages were gone.



It’s obvious with RoboVM shutting down (The engine behind the iOS Ingress version) that this 2.0 version is under heavy development. April 30 marks the day RoboVM closes its door, but that does not mean your iOS Ingress will stop working. This just means that future iOS updates (or versions) may not be supported. It will be interesting in the upcoming weeks to see if we get any hints about this new version. Until then, we will be here blogging when we find things.