Ingress APK Teardown [1.120.2] – Transmuter Edition

Hello agents and welcome back to another Ingress teardown. While some are eager for the continued teased “2.0” version, the 1.x version has some surprises left – this time in the tune of two new mods. We learned about these pair of mods a week or so ago, but now lets take a deeper look into 1.120.2.

ITO EN Transmuter (-)

When placed as a mod, hacking causes more offensive items like XMPs and Ultra Strikes to be hacked


ITO EN Transmuter (+)

When placed as a mod, hacking causes more defensive items like resonators and shields to be hacked.

Transmuter Overview

Due to the community leaking details the instant they appear in the application. The true description of these items is held server side, which is yet to be updated.


We can see these mods will act like modifiers, much like Heat Sinks and Multi Hacks do, calling the modifier: XM-Spin which is nothing more than a modifier that will be 1, 0, or -1 depending on the transmuter used (or none).

 <string name="ENUM_MAP_STATS_MODIFIER_XM_SPIN">XM-Spin</string>

Additionally, remember the “bonus” items you get during glyph hacks? It seems the Transmuter (+/-) effect will be listed along side those.

 <string name="HACK_RESULTS_TRANSMUTE_ATTACK">ITO EN Transmuter (-) applied</string>
 <string name="HACK_RESULTS_TRANSMUTE_DEFENSE">ITO EN Transmuter (+) applied</string>

These items are in the application, so once iOS and all Android devices have this version, we will probably see these items go live. We do not know if they will be hack-able.


With Operation Portal Recon open to L13s now and two new items launched into the Ingress world. Things show no sign of slowing down despite Ingress approaching year 5. We will see you guys on the next version.