Ingress APK Teardown [1.126.0]

Hello everyone and welcome to another Ingress Teardown! Today we will be looking at APK 1.126.0.

#EXO5 shards

Remember Abaddon?

No, no, no.. Not that logo a staff members kid drew. I’m talking about the Abaddon shards!

[Photo credit/video: DeviateFish]

It turns out that the Abaddon shard models are the same exact ones being used for the #EXO5 shard game. These shards are also the same ones used at anomaly sites for the shard portion of the anomaly. While these shards were originally created for the Abaddon series, they are still used today due to the number of shards provided (There are two sets with 100 shards each in both frozen/unfrozen state.)



We noticed the following lines of interest in the new APK:

.field public createLinkCost:I
    .annotation runtime Lorg/codehaus/jackson/annotate/JsonProperty;
    .end annotation
.end field

Right now we can only speculate on what this is since there is already a cost for creating links. One theory is that it is related to the shard game or anomalies, giving the ability to adjust the XM cost of links on the fly (maybe in relation to Ingress lore?). The other theory is that it is somehow connected to anti-spoofing for shards and that adjusting the XM cost above the range of L1 may cut down on nefarious actors, like L1 bots linking from sharded portals.



This APK seems to primarily focus on the #EXO5 shards. Have fun out there in the field with these new shards, Agents! See you next Teardown.