Ingress APK Teardown [1.69.0]

Welcome back to another Ingress Teardown. Version 1.69.0 is currently on its 1% rollout to a Play Store near you. This update is a small one and looks to be predominantly related to Android Wear support. We haven’t heard an official  announcement about this development, but we can continue to peek into the APK and learn more about it.



Before an application can support Android Wear devices, it must include a simple config file to help map information for Android Wear to find. As of 1.69.0, this file was added.

<wearableApp package="com.nianticproject.ingress">

This means this feature is close to being production ready. The code has shifted, but has settled with the following actions which can trigger a notification.

  • Achievement Unlocked (Badge)
  • Comm Ping
  • Portal Neutralized
  • Portal Under Attack
  • News of the Day

These all have varying background designs depending on faction. Below is a gallery of all of them.

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In addition to these, there were 3 additional status bar icons added. They appear to be related to faction comm messages & some sort of alarm / timer.



Finally, two new strings were added which enforce the idea of this “Active Mode” we discussed in the previous teardown.

<string name="ACTIVE_MODE_TITLE">Active Mode</string>
<string name="START_ACTIVE_MODE">Start</string>



Sorry for the terribly short teardown. This update as mentioned seemed entirely focused on Wearables. For those interested the build date says January 21, but we obtained it on January 26. I will see you again for the next teardown! Feel free to leave a comment below discussing this change.