Ingress APK Teardown [1.72.0]

Welcome back to another Ingress teardown. This teardown doesn’t have as much as 1.71.1, but enough to blog about. 1.72.0 is currently on a 1% rollout to a Play Store near you. Like week after week, we can peek into the APK and see what is to come!



Mission Map

With the changes seen earlier today. Missions have continued to be upgraded and enhanced with various tweaks. This update continues that trend.


You will notice a small map now next to the “Start/Replay” button. Clicking this map will load a Google map showing all the waypoints of that mission. Our animated image below shows briefly how this works.


You can maneuver around in this view along with zoom to handle missions that may have 50+ waypoints. A helpful tweak to help visualize missions before starting them.


Translation City

Every hardcoded English string has been abstracted out of the code into the resources (This allows it to be translated for other languages). As an English speaker I cannot speak how much of the application may not be translated for other languages, but it appears a large stride has been taking place to perfect translations to 100% coverage. Even the mod rarities since day one were abstracted. Now don’t raise your pitchforks, this isn’t anything new (the below strings). These have been here since before I started doing teardowns (< 1.42.0). So it appears everything is getting abstracted, even strings that obviously have never been used.

 ... lots of strings
 <string name="RARITY_VERY_COMMON">Very Common</string>
 <string name="RARITY_COMMON">Common</string>
 <string name="RARITY_LESS_COMMON">Less Common</string>
 <string name="RARITY_RARE">Rare</string>
 <string name="RARITY_VERY_RARE">Very Rare</string>
 <string name="RARITY_EXTREMELY_RARE">Extremely Rare</string>
 .. lots more

Reminder: These rarities have been in the APK since at least 1.42.0. This is not new! 



Handshake Changes

  • [add] enableShareMission
  • [add] minimumCommLatencyMS
  • [add] enableMissionMapView

Taking a glance at these, the last one (enableMissionMapView) is already enabled and live, while the other two are not. The first one (enableShareMission) appears to be bringing our Ingress sharing functionality to the mission portion of the UI. The second one stands for minimum comm latency in milliseconds, and I’m not quite sure what it has to do with yet. An optimization would be my guess.



This version was built on March 3 and found us on March 9. It was a small teardown, but had a good deal of Mission changes and a bug fix for the portal level being shown as an ellipsis on the portal view.  I expect a mission rollout for the intel map to happen any day now. I’ll see you next time for 1.73