Ingress APK Teardown [1.78.0]

Welcome back to another Ingress APK Teardown. This is quite an interesting version currently on a 1% roll-out to a Play Store near you. Like every teardown, we can peek into the APK and see what is coming. So lets take a look.


New Item? Meet the MUFG Capsule

This item is labelled as the following:

  • Human Readable: MUFG Capsule
  • Description: An Interest-bearing Capsule is a storage container that holds other objects and pays interest.

After a quick Google search, it seems this is another sponsored item, much like our AXA Shield. This seems to be a Japanese bank holding company.

(Audio clip of the item below)

(Image of the item below)


Now obviously, this looks like another Capsule with a unique description. However the true features of this item remain unknown. Whatever the abilities are remain server side, out of the reach of my investigation.  Watch for an official announcement from Ingress in the upcoming days.


Medal Reorganization


We have found out that holding one medal, while tapping another places an orange stroke around that tapped medal.  It is too early to tell what this feature will do, but guesses are for re-organizing medals to your own preference.  The next version might have a clearer indication for the reason of this feature.

Note: This is possible on 1.77.1. It was missed during the last teardown.


Changing Languages? Saved now.

Our favorite handshake showed us this change shortly before the release of 1.78.0.

enableSetLocale: 10771

Basically, after you select a language from “OPS” -> “Device” -> “Language“. This is saved server side now. This means you can grab a new phone, download Ingress, sign into your account and the language you selected earlier will appear as the default.


Language Tweaks on Tweaks

The collection of languages Ingress supports saw some tweaks. Native speakers of these languages must have reported some bugs, because the language files saw scattered changes throughout. In addition to this, Norwegian was added.


Android Wearables development continues

A very very minor change but the wearable_app.xml file changed from




I’m not sure of the significance of this, but since it is the first time the wearable files have been touched in a few versions, I thought it was worth mentioning.



This version was built on May 28 and obtained on June 2. This version had a new item, which is a rare fun occurrence. Since APKs are usually 2 weeks apart, 1.78.0 will probably be the version being used at the June 20 anomalies. I’ll see some of you in Nashville.