Ingress APK Teardown [1.80.0]

Welcome back to another Ingress Teardown. This version was obtained, thanks to Phtiv Foskett, on a Sunday night around 9pm local time. This is quite strange as we should usually have this version on Monday (June 29). After some exciting teardowns revealing MUFG Capsule & SoftBank Ultra Link, this post won’t live up to that level of information. This was an early release compared to what we are used to. This version is a very small teardown, but we blogged about it nonetheless.



SoftBank Ultra Link tweaks

  • The translation of this item has been completed for all languages
  • Since the description of this item was blanked out on 1.79.1 (due to us leaking details probably), it now has a description of
    • A Mod that can be deployed on a Portal to increase Link range, boost Link defensive power, and allow more outbound Links.
  • The mod deploy screen will now show extra fields such as
    • Link Defense Boost [+1.5x, diminishing]
    • Outgoing Link Bonus [+8, no diminishing]





I know I wasn’t going to talk about this again, but due to the size of this teardown. I included it.

It appears this Wearable app is reaching an almost production ready standard. They added a file known as “WearCrashHandlingService“, so if they are tracking the crashes the Wearable application has, it must mean they are close to releasing it.

The handshake had some variable additions, that I believe are related to Wearables which you can see below.

  • minUpdateIntervalMs
    • started: 5000 (5 seconds)
  • maxUpdateIntervalMs
    • started: 30000 (30 seconds)
  • updateIntervalThrottlingTriggerVelocityMps
    • started: 3, updated to 3.0
  • updateIntervalThrottlingRate
    • started: 0.5, updated to 0.65

Minimum/Maximum update interval in milliseconds seems to be how often your watch checks the scanner for nearby portals, etc. While I have no idea what the other changes mean.



This version was small change wise, it was built on June 23 and obtained on June 28. The two changes (enableEntityPicker & enableMissionMapView) have been removed from the Handshake, meaning they are here to stay. There is no more server side toggle to turn them on/off.