Ingress APK Teardown [1.81.0]

Welcome back to another Ingress Teardown. This version is currently on a 1% rollout to a Play Store near you. This teardown is small, but contains one big change, which we can obviously both in the code and on the scanner see — Wearables is live.


Android Wear Support

Wearables is live, and has some interesting features. If you have a smartwatch, after installing 1.81.0 you will receive a message on your Wearable device to install the Wearable app. After opening the application you will be greeted with a screen like this.


Now lets dig into this screenshot.

  • We see if I have a portal key to this portal, via an illuminated portal key icon on top.
  • My location is shown in relation to the hack range of this portal.
  • Arrows on the edge of screen direct me to other nearby portals.
    • The arrows are colored via which faction owns the portal. (green, blue, gray)
  • Close portals are shown as dots (the two green dots above)
    • These dots, much like arrows, are colored based on faction ownership
  • The ownership (green/blue) of portal and level is shown in title.
  • The photo of portal is shown in background.
  • My action arrow in middle is blue/green depending on faction.




Now if I swipe to another portal, we gain an additional feature.

  • A number withdownward arrow appears.
    • Allowing me to swipe between these two portals


Now if I get in range of one of these portals.

screen_360 1

  • Yes, a HACK button appears.
    • With a built in hack timer, till your next hack!

screen_360 2

  • A successful hack, all from my watch.


While Wearables is launching, you also get a peek at your XM level.


  • You can see my XM bar, in a circle around my action circle.
  • This will disappear shortly after loading


Below is a collection of screenshots.

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With a small animated image showing the hack process.


Wearable device support

  • LG G Watch
  • Moto 360
  • Now I believe any Wearable application works on all Wearable devices. Let us know in the comments if you have a device that isn’t listed above which works.


After activating a Wear Session, it will expire in 30 minutes. In which case your phone will report “Wear session has expired.“. As this feature is less than 24 hours old, I’m not sure of the battery drain on the watch.


This change was the only thing I could find in the apk. The Wearable APK is in fact a new apk within the Ingress apk. This means I have a new apk to compare every release. So the 1.81.0 release of Ingress, contained the 1.0.0 (labeled 1.81.0) release of Wearables. Next release I will be able to compare Wearables and find out changes that come to it.

This version was built on July 7, and obtained on July 14. No interesting changes to the handshake, so I’d say this version was strictly bug fixes & release of Android Wear.