Ingress APK Teardown [1.91.0]

Welcome back everyone. We have detected a new version currently on its 1% roll out on the Google Play Store. Lucky users will receive the version shortly, with a 100% global roll out approaching days later. This is a relatively small teardown, but holds one cool change that warrants the post.

Redo Glyph Button

I noticed this new string in our values/strings.xml file

<string name="GLYPH_MODE_REDO_TEXT">REDO</string>

Which led me to experimenting with Glyph hacking. We will start with an animated image, then I will explain it.

As you can see, after you enter a Glyph (before starting the next one). A “redo” button appears. If you tap that button, it allows you to redo that Glyph (in case you missed it). It is important to note that the timer still continues to count down.


  • After each glyph entered, you can click “REDO” before starting next glyph to redo previous.
  • Redoing the glyph and getting it perfect, still obtains a speed bonus, although low and points count towards Translator medal



This version was built on 1/7 and obtained on 1/8. This is the first release in 2016 and starting with a feature enhancement!