Ingress APK Teardown [1.92.1]

Welcome back everyone. We have detected a new version currently on a 1% rollout. Some lucky individuals already have this version, while the 100% roll out remains a few days off. This teardown, again like the previous, is small but contains one feature worth the post.

Bulk Load / Unload Capsule

<string name="CAPSULE_SELECT_MAX_BUTTON_TEXT">MAX</string>
<string name="CAPSULE_LOAD_NO_ITEMS_AVAIALABLE">No items available.</string>
<string name="CAPSULE_UNLOAD_NO_ITEMS">No items</string>

So upon finding these strings in this version, I was surprised that bulk load / unload was a feature. Especially after the capsule bugs of 2015, but enough talking and onto the screenshots.

A capsule full of 97 assorted items.
a capsule with all 97 random items selected

As you can see. It took one click to completely select all items in a capsule. This also works in reverse during filling. Let’s say you have an empty capsule with 209 keys in inventory. If you click the “select all” button, the nearest (if sorting by distance and on “keys” filter) 100 portal keys will selected and thus be inserted into the capsule. Additionally, if you are on the “mods” filter and have selected common shields and hit “select all”. It will grab all the commons, then rares, then very rares, than axas.

Basically, the select all is smart enough to know about rarity and distance when using filters.

This makes building capsules of local keys very easy and is a welcome addition.

New Sounds!

A tiny bit boring, but still new sounds.



key locker


This version was built on 1/22 and obtained on 1/25. The last two releases have packed a feature enhancement. Can we keep the streak going?