Ingress APK Teardown [1.93.1]

Welcome back everyone to another Ingress Teardown. A new version slipped out yesterday to both iOS and Android alike. While I don’t know enough about the roll out procedure on iOS, the Android version is currently on its 1% roll out pending a full 100% roll out if no issues are encountered. This version is a very tiny update, only bringing a new slew of audio files and a tweak to mission audio.

Mission Audio


speech – capture or upgrade this portal

speech – capture or upgrade this portal to continue

speech – capture this portal

speech – create a field

speech – enter passphrase

speech – hack this portal

speech – hack this portal to continue

speech – install a mod

speech – install a mod to continue

speech – mission aborted

speech – mission completed

speech – mission initiated

speech – objective achieved

speech – waypoint in range

speech – waypoint nearby

Yeah that is a lot of sounds. ADA’s voice will now be with you during mission related activities. An interesting note was an additional function named getRangeStateForLocation(), which allows audio files (such as the ones above) to trigger even though you are not within the 40m action circle. This allows for audio clips such as “waypoint nearby” to trigger when you are relatively close to a waypoint during a mission.

Capsule Tweak

In previous versions (1.92.1) if you were on the “All Items” filter and bulk added items, it will go till it hits 100 items. This means it will go through all your cubes and then resonators till you hit 100.

As of 1.93.1, if you are on the “All Items” filter and bulk add. The added items will add all the cubes and stop before inserting a new type of item (in this case resonators). This means bulk add sticks to one item type instead of adding everything and anything to get to 100 items in that capsule.


Yes, I know. That was incredibly short and kinda boring. With the upcoming anomalies, I expected this version to contain the assets for the upcoming shards. However, we did not get those.

We receive message after message about “Where is the newest teardown”, so it only made sense to produce the teardown regardless of the information inside. The version was built on Feb 8th and obtained on Feb 9th.

Obsidian is coming. I’ll see some of you in Orlando.