Ingress APK Teardown [1.94.0]

Hello everyone. Welcome back to another teardown. Currently a new apk is on a 1% roll out to a Google Play Store near you. This apk carried with it some very interesting changes. Including a new item and more for the upcoming Obsidian anomalies!


First off, we have an additional density qualifier added. For those understanding of the Android density system. xxxhdpi support was added. This I believe is 640dpi and packs higher quality images for assets used among the application. However, initial reports are the graphics and resolution is not quite right on devices in which xxxhdpi is used.

For example, below is a side by side comparison of the xxxhdpi image and the xxhdpi image of the Level 16 level up graphic. You can see the difference.


Lawson Power Cube (Boosted Power Cube)


First talked about in our previous post. This item has an official name.

 <string name="ENUM_MAP_RESOURCE_TYPE_BOOSTED_POWER_CUBE">Lawson Power Cube</string>

As you can see. Niantic has intentionally blanked the description of this item. They must be upset with someone spoiling the ideas of their items. We did get some more strings of the item in use.

 <string name="ENUM_MAP_USE_BOOSTED_POWER_CUBE_SERVER_ERROR">Invalid Power Cube.</string>
 <string name="ENUM_MAP_USE_BOOSTED_POWER_CUBE_FAIL_NOT_BOOSTED_POWER_CUBE">Invalid Power Cube.</string>
 <string name="ENUM_MAP_USE_BOOSTED_POWER_CUBE_FAIL_NOT_IN_PLAYER_INVENTORY">Not in inventory.</string>

From these strings. It seems we can activate the cube. The class that this cube is from, also has the variables xmRemaining and xmGained.

We also have some sounds, if you are interested in hearing ADA’s voice say it.


speech_boosted_cube – 10 percent

speech_boosted_cube – activated

speech_boosted_cube – disengaged

These sound files, especially “engaged” and “disengaged” makes me infer that you have to choose to activate this item that then might supplement your current energy. Allowing you to attack longer without using a power cube.

XM Tank

We talked about the “XM Tank” in the previous post. With the release of this apk, the values used in the XM Tank per level have changed. The new levels are listed below.

Level Cube Capacity Cube Capacity
 1 15,000 XM 18,000 XM
2 16,875 XM 20,250 XM
3 18,750 XM 22,500 XM
4 20,625 XM 24,750 XM
5 22,500 XM 27,000 XM
6 24,375 XM 29, 250 XM
7 26,250 XM 31,500 XM
8 28,125 XM 33,750 XM
 9 30,000 XM 36,000 XM
10 32,000 XM 38,400 XM
11 34,000 XM 40,800 XM
12 36,000 XM 43,200 XM
13 38,000 XM 45,600 XM
14 40,000 XM 48,000 XM
15 42,000 XM 50,400 XM
16 44,000 XM 52,800 XM

Basically each level got an increase. We still don’t know how this XM Tank plays into use with the Lawson Power Cube. It seems to be an additional level of energy (XM), that you can use. I don’t believe this item drops at level 1-16. I think it will be a single addition that changes with your current level.


Upsight Analytics

Upsight was updated to 4.0.5 and now includes

  • Distance to Portal
  • Days Inactive

However in my testing both those values are set to “-1.0” on every request. If this makes no sense to you. Have a read at the teardown where we discovered Upsight. Or the TLDR – Upsight is an Ingress customized version of Analytics sending bits of data every once in awhile.


Two new beacons will be joining us.

  • Beacon – Initio
  • Beacon – Obsidian
 <string name="POWERUP_DESCRIPTION_OBSIDIAN_BEACON">Display Obsidian symbol above target Portal for 4 hours.</string>
 <string name="POWERUP_DESCRIPTION_INITIO_BEACON">Display Initio symbol above target Portal for 4 hours.</string>

Initio is interesting. Haven’t heard about Initio since Interitus.


A new checkbox showed up in OPS -> Device -> Notifications.

  • Events and Opportunities.

This will probably alert players of upcoming events/anomalies in there area. This is good, because there are a fair deal of players who aren’t connected in Google Plus for news of such events.


This version was built on February 17 and obtained on February 21. This version had a solid amount of changes. Anxious for the finalization of the Lawson Cube. I’ll see some of you at Orlando Obsidian!