Ingress APK Teardown [1.96.0]

Hello everyone. Welcome back to another Ingress teardown. Currently version 1.96.0 is on a 1% rollout to a Google Play Store near you. Due to the anomalies approaching quickly, this version is all bug fixes after our previous feature changes of 1.95.x and 1.94.x.

Shard Cleanup

Our friend Stan Lightman and his shards have been removed. They were added during version 1.75.0. This leaves the Abaddon 1 & 2 set of 100 shards in the APK. These shards, even though named Abaddon, are the ones used during Flash Shard events because of the support of up to 100.



The Japanese translation saw the translation of the Beacon and Smaller UI feature discovered in 1.94.0



One variable was renamed from Level to AgentLevel



  • Assorted code tweaks among files – can assume edge case bug fixes.
  • Built on March 16th
  • Obtained on March 21
  • I’ll be on the ground at Orlando Obsidian. I’ll see some of you there.