Ingress APK Teardown [1.97.1]

Hello everyone and welcome back to another Ingress teardown. Obsidian has ended and an APK update has snuck out. This version, like others, is making its way to a Play Store near you. We have a few things hiding in this version that aren’t apparent in the release notes, so let’s take a peek.

Crittercism Toned Down

First noticed in 1.95.1 was this new tool used to help identify crash issues. The downside is that it sent a lot of requests in addition to what Ingress already uses. We saw the addition of a new value.


This is used as a lottery to determine whether your device will send periodic data used for identifying fixes and more. This change is currently at 0, so no devices on 1.97.1 (as of this post) are sending any data to Crittercism. This can of course change server side, but it’s good to see it’s no longer enabled for everyone all the time.


Portal Submissions Coming Back

Before anyone gets excited. This will be isolated to certain geographical regions. We saw the following added changes.

  • allowRegionSpecificSubmissions
  • minLevelForSubmission
  • radiusParamsSet

The first parameter (allowRegionSpecificSubmissions) seems to be a toggle to allow another parameter (radiusParamsSet) to function. If region specific submissions are enabled, the game will use a radius set to whitelist areas allowed to submit portals again. In simpler terms – Only certain areas in this world will have portal submissions back. This will probably be the Japan area in the upcoming weeks.

Additionally we see (minLevelForSubmission) so submissions can be enabled only for agents at a certain level. This is an interesting twist especially if the requirement is set at Level 8 or above.




Another version comes to an end. We are getting closer to Ingress 2.00.0 or another iteration on the 1.x series (Like 1.100.0) every version. I wonder if it will have any significance if the route of 2.00 is chosen or simply be a version increase from 1.99.