Ingress APK Teardown [1.99.1]

Hi everyone and welcome back to another Ingress tear down. We are at version 1.99.1 which is currently rolling out to a Google Play store near you. Like usual we have found some changes, so lets hop right into them.

Lawson moved to end.

Lawson Cube at end of Powercube list

I don’t know about anyone else, but I lost my first Lawson due to the habit of using my low level Power Cubes first. Now Lawsons are at the end of Power Cubes vs the beginning.


Niantic Logo

1.99.1 Launch Screen

The intro screen was joined by the Niantic Labs logo. Not sure what to make of this as the split from Google happened quite a bit ago.

Turret Cleanup

In the realm of development, deprecation is a word that either scares you or excites you. Deprecation is the act of saying, “This thing will stop working in the future, so I’m warning you to stop using it”.  In Ingress terms some fields on the Turret class (shown below) were deprecated.


What does this mean? Absolutely nothing. These values have been populated server side vs client side for awhile, so this is probably just a clean up. However, the reason I’m writing about it is every time an object gets cleaned up like this I notice it sometimes is in preparation of a new change. So watch turrets in the upcoming weeks, maybe a change is coming.


This version was built on April 29 and obtained on May 2nd. It packed a new intro image and a small change for Lawson cubes, which made it a relatively small teardown. The next version from a strictly version perspective will either be 1.100.x or 2.00. Take your bets! I’ll see some of you in Savannah.