Ingress Featured Artist- August 2021

Hello Agents! Happy Level 8 and IFS Weekend! Here we are once more with some amazing glyph themed artwork for this months IFS! This months artist is MantacidTech from Montrose, USA.

Agent Name :

Faction :

Level :
7 (but close to 8)

How long have you been playing?

I started playing during [REDACTED], but took a break due to an increasingly busy personal life. I recently got back into the game as a way to get a bit more fit.

What inspired you to submit your piece to the contest?

To be completely honest, I had some concept sketches of the characters present already. I saw the post the day of the deadline, and thought, “Yeah, I could finalize these,” and made the rest up as I went along.

Is there anything about your artwork you want people to know?

I was surprised to find that I had won, because this piece started as some concept doodles of the exogenous, and I only made it into a finished piece days before the submission deadline. My artwork has a secret message in it (unless the image gets cropped). The message revealed is not canon (unless Niantic wants it to be 😉 )

Is there a website where people can see your artwork or other artwork you like to show?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a website with my work on it. Yet. I’m not good with web development, and I don’t often choose to put myself out there over social media. I hope to change that in some capacity though.

Are there any details you would like to share about your craft?

I’ve done all kinds of art: traditional, digital, 3d, 2d, marker, charcoal, pencil, clay, you name it. I’ve taught myself the majority of the mediums I know over 14 years, and what I didn’t teach myself I learned from professionals (I was mentored by a Disney storyboard artist for a few years, which is where I picked up 2d animation). I usually do fantasy and sci-fi character design, but I’ve been dabbling in UI design, and I occasionally draw from suggestion if I can’t think of ideas, resulting in some really weird stuff.

Do you plan to make swag of it?

If I made swag, I’d probably make a piece specifically for that, rather than slapping an image onto a T-shirt with no thought to composition. However, I did design a T-shirt for my local faction group.

Is it ok if agents use your image in their Virtual IFS Group photos?

Sure! I’d look forward to seeing my art used that way!


Thank you so much for your submission! I wonder how many will figure out the secret message. I hope you get level 8 this weekend MantacidTech!  Agents, if you want the get this media, please participate in a Virtual IFS this weekend and decode your groups passcode! Thank you to Tabineco, who made some templates here for IFS groups to use in Group Photo collages again. May you all have a wonderful IFS Weekend!

Please be mindful not to use this artwork(s) used in this post without permission of the artist outside of group photos for IFS. Thank you and we hope you participate in future IFS art competitions!