Ingress Halloween 2021

(We apologize for the delay in this post, a family emergency took place last week but we did not want anyone to miss this!)

Halloween is upon us Agents! It is the spooky season and it seems an XM fluctuation has been detected by the NIA Researchers! A bunch of new temporary changes have been added to scanner to celebrate this season and we hope you all get to enjoy them.


Event Details

Agents, you may have already noticed changes to the scanner as this XM event started on Thursday, 21 October, and is predicted to last until Monday, 1 November, 16:00 UTC. Theory has it that this fluctuation has caused the Ingress Scanner to display ambient XM in a different color, and it is exhibiting the following unnatural behaviors:

  • AP for destroying Resonators, upgrading Resonators, destroying Mods and recharging increased to 125
  • AP for destroying Links increased to 313
  • AP for destroying Fields increased to 1,250
  • Each Agent able to deploy up to 4 Mods per Portal


While this fluctuation appears to be caused by an annual celebration of immense cultural significance, our Researchers have been logging an unusually high number of déjà vu occurrences. A déjà vu is usually a glitch in the Scanner—it happens when they change something. We need your help in furthering our investigation. -NIA


In order to assist Agents in investigating this event, the Nia has released a kit in the Store that will available until the end of the event.

120 L2 Resonators (1000 CMU)


Halloween Medals

Like last year, this years event has a medal you can purchase in the In App store for the duration of the event. This years theme is a mysterious black cat with lit up orange eyes the color of the XM in our scanner now! I wonder if this cat has anything to do with that change….. Get it while you can Agents!

Halloween 2021 Medal (2500 CMU)

Also! If you didnt get the chance to get last years spooky Jack-o-lantern, it should also be available for you to purchase. This only for a limited time, so get it while you can!


Haunted Portal Keys

Agents, we wanted to highlight this amazing Halloween themed player run fun in this post. ,Derf Vader posted on twitter a few days ago, asking people to show their most haunted portal keys! Now there isnt really any rules to this, but the general theme seems to be Halloween themed portals or portals that may be haunted in real life! We would love to see more of these, so if you have some haunted keys, share them on social media with the hashtag #hauntedportalkeys .


Agents, I hope you get the chance to go out this Halloween or celebrate this season in any way that you would like! If you choose to participate in this xm event, please be mindful of your local areas health and safety guidelines. Either way Happy Spooky season Agents and Happy Haunting!