Ingress Intel Map Update (Draw Tools & Regional Scores!)

Today launches a new iteration of the Ingress Intel Map. We have the seen addition of password redeem support and changes occur over the past year. This version brings regional scores support & draw tools!


Regional Support

Visible in all areas is now a regional feed of scores for your cell. You can review the exact score for all checkpoints in that cycle. The scanner rounds numbers to the  nearest thousandth, so the Intel Map is now your  source for the exact score if you are interested.

Recap of features

  • Regional score shown
  • Top 3 agents
  • Countdown to next checkpoint
  • All checkpoints in that cycle shown
  • As you move through regional bounds on map, the regional block shown updates to that region

As you can see, history for all previous checkpoints is possible.


Regional Bounds

As you zoom out, the bounds for your region will be shown in an orange box.

Orange box highlighting regional cell


For long field planning, this will help know which cell(s) your fields will count for.


Draw Tools

The new “Draw Tools” icon in the top right of portals.

A powerful feature once reserved for popular 3rd party alternatives has made it to the stock Intel Map. Upon clicking on a portal you will notice a new button. This button in the top right  hand corner selects that portal with a yellow highlight, the next portal you click at that point will form a yellow link between them. If there happens to be a blocker (link preventing the link  you drew from forming), it will be highlighted in red.

Below shows linking 3 portals together using the stock map

No blockers

Below shows attempting to link 3 portals which are blocked together.

No blockers demo

As you can see, the blocking link was highlighted in a dotted red line. This means that link must be broken for this field to be made.



This is one of the more larger updates to come to Intel in awhile. Lets recap the features

  • Regional scoring without rounding, precise scores
  • Regional outlines when zoomed out
  • Top 3 agents shown in regional scores
  • Draw tools on mobile & desktop
  • Ability to see blocking links (Links that interfere with drawn plans)
  • Easily remove drawn links via clicking on the X on the link or via the “Clear” button in top right