Ingress New Stuff Roundup

Info on new items in Ingress – we will update this frequently, so check back often!

Here’s a quick little post highlighting the new stuff that has been happening with Ingress lately!

Last Updated: Nov 3 17h00 GMT (Frakker bulk pack, frakker portal quick-kill)

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General Info

As a general note: all paid items are locked to your account.  You cannot add them to any capsule, or drop them (so you cannot give them away).  You cannot put them into MUFG capsules either.

NOTICE: iOS Pricing is often cheaper than Android pricing for non-US countries.

Ingress Store

The store is currently live for EVERYONE (Nov 2 17:00 GMT)!

ingress store

In it you can buy Chaotic Matter Units (in-game currency) in the following block sizes (prices will change depending on local currency):

2500 $1.99 1256
7000 $4.99 1403 10%
15000 $9.99 1502 16%
32000 $19.99 1601 22%
90000 $49.99 1800 30%
200000 $99.99 2000 37%

With that currency you can buy the in-game store items (currently frakkers, beacons and lockers):

High Price Low Price
1300 $1.03 $0.65 3 Beacons
2400 $1.91 $1.20 Frakker
9600 $7.64 $4.80 5-Pack Frakker
14900 $11.86 $7.45 10-Pack Frakker
3700 $2.95 $1.85 Locker
14900 $11.86 $7.45 5-Pack Locker

The high and low prices depend on the size of the CMU package that you buy.

Note that you can use Google Play credits, however you must have enough to cover the entire purchase price. You cannot, for example, use $8 in credit and pay $12 to get the 32k pack. If you live in the US you can add credits to your Google Play account prior to purchase to do this, however outside of the US you will have to buy a gift card (at a local store) to top up your account.  Please note that gift cards are country specific and cannot be used cross border.

Note that the store is tied to your primary phone account only. However workaround found! Uninstall ingress, go to play store, switch the play store user to the account you want Ingress to use for payments, and install Ingress from there.

You cannot buy items if you are already at cap.

Portal Frakkers


Portal Frakkers allow you temporarily double the output (10 minutes or 150 total hacks amongst all players).  It appears to actually act like a regular hack, but then double the output, with the exception of mods.  Those still double, but you may get a split by rarity (for example 3CS 1RS).  You always appear to get an even number of items looking at it this way, and you can get 2 keys at once with this as well.

5 and 10 pack frakkers now available, at 20% and 38% off single prices. [Nov 3 04h00 GMT]

When you hack, you get a cool sound and when the items pop-up in scanner they start coming up like normal, but then actually split in half:

portal frakker split visual

During frakking the portal glows in scanner for all players:

frakker animated

Frakkers are also displayed on intel.

frakker intel

When it ends the portal loses half its current resonator charge.

Frakkers respect normal hacking rules (burnout and cooldown), are deployed like a virus, any player can deploy on any portal, they apply to all players, only one can be deployed on a portal at a time, you get 500AP for deploying, and an announcement is made in COMM that you did so.

Portal frakkers stay on the portal even if the portal is destroyed or flipped.

As a side note, it’s possible to kill a portal this way without any notifications at all.  If you happen to know when a portal decays, and you go there 35 minutes ahead of time, you can apply 3 frakkers in a row (which will bring it down to 12.5%) then the daily decay will finish it off.  Assuming that you’re doing this on an enemy’s couch portal, or some other one that you really want to destroy, you’re probably glyph hacking during that half hour anyway.  This way you can get yourself ~375 items (assuming VRHS VRMH) and remove the portal, all for $2.25 (minimum price, assuming you bought the 200k CMU pack and 10-packs of frakkers).

Key Lockers

You can have 5 key lockers in your inventory (available in white, red, green, gold, and blue) and they hold up to 100 keys outside of your inventory space.  You can buy them individually or as a 5-pack at a discount (get 5 for the price of 4).  If you buy them individually you can buy multiple of the same color.

key locker red

You can add and remove keys like normal, even if you’re already at cap.  Effectively you can now have up to 2,500 items in inventory accessible all at once if you unloaded all of the capsules.  Note that they each require 1 inventory space.

Portal Beacons


Portal Beacons are quite cheap, last 4 hours, and faintly spin above the portal.  They are purchased in packs of 3. There is no effect other than visual, and they are visible to all players.

portal beacon

Portal beacons will show up on intel.

beacons intel

And they will combine with frakkers to show both on intel:

frakker and res beacon

All beacon types (Resistance, Enlightened, Meetup, Target) are available to all players (Note the Niantic beacon type is not).

portal beacon inventory

Beacons are deployed like a virus, any player can deploy on any portal, only one can be deployed at a time, you get 500AP for deploying, and an announcement is made in COMM that you did so (except it erroneously says frakker).

Portal beacons stay on the portal even if destroyed or flipped.

Hack or Treat

Update (Nov 2 16:00 GMT): Hack or Treat is now over.


Haven’t been lucky enough to get access to the store yet?  Don’t fear!  For the weekend Niantic has decided to increase the output of XMP and US in addition to anything else.  This applies for regular as well as glyph hacks, and applies to both friendly and enemy hacks.  You can combine this with frakkers to get very high output (more than 45 items per hack on average).

frak halloween

The effect on glyphing seems to be about 2.5x regular output.  Unknown exactly how long this will last.