Ingress New Year!

Hello Agents! We are close to completing our rotation around the sun on this crazy year.  Today, Niantic released some things in preparation for the transfer to the New Year that are a bit exciting!

Medal (2,500 CMU)

  • This witty little Medal has been added to all agents in app store, as a way to welcome the coming New Year. I have to say, the descriptions on it, in the store and once it’s claimed, spark a bit of a chuckle.
  • This medal will be available in the scanner until Monday, January 4th 5PM UTC, so get yours while you can!

Firework Bundle BOGO (1,000 CMU)

  • There are two firework BOGO bundles that will now be available from Wednesday, December 23rd 5PM UTC to Monday, January 4th 5PM UTC.
  • Each BOGO bundle will contain the second set of free items for the price of one in the duration stated, thus each will reward you 6 Firework Beacons.

Details on the Medal and BOGO Bundles can be found in this community forums post.

P.A. Chapeau’s Countdown Passcodes

  • Every year we have some sort of countdown for Ingress, in fact many have been waiting to see what this years countdown would bring.
  • It was finally announced today and our mysterious Truthseeker (PAC) will be the one releasing daily passcodes leading to the New Year!
  • Pay attention to your scanner Agents, as passcodes will be released there through the News Feed on COMMs from Thursday, December 24th to Friday, January 1st.
  • More details can be found in the community forums post!


We wish everyone Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year! May this new year treat everyone fairly and safely! We look forward to seeing you next year.