Ingress Official Partner Appreciation Month 2021

We are celebrating Ingress Partner Appreciation Month again this year to show our thanks to SoftBank and ITO EN and their support for Ingress. We encourage all Agents and events to show their appreciation for these partners and the global reach being sponsors of Ingress offers by including their images, hashtags and tagging them in your December IngressFS Group photos.

Hashtags to include in your Group Photo Social Media post are #SoftBank, #ItoEn and #IngressFS. We’ve also got a collection of high quality images in this Google Drive folder to use with your group photos.

Please note: by using these high quality images, you agree to protect the integrity of the original. Images may be rotated, cropped or trimmed at the edges; any other manipulation of the images are not allowed and may result in a request to remove your image and/or disqualification resulting in your event not being verified for the FS Badge. 

Social Media pages to tag in your posts:

SoftBank: Twitter: @softbank / Facebook: @softbank / Instagram: @softbank_official

Ito En: Twitter: @itoen_vd / Facebook: @itoenjapan

On the lookout to get your hands on SoftBank Ultra Links and Ito En Transmuter Mods? We’ll also be giving out 2 tiers of passcodes to events based on how creative your group photos are that show appreciation:

Tier 1: Meet all three requirements:

  • Include both ITO EN and SoftBank images in you group photo,
  • Include the hashtags listed above and
  • Tag them both in the social media post

Tier 2: Only fulfilling one or two of the Tier 1 requirements.

Each verified event is eligible for only one passcode based on the highest tier achieved. The passcodes will be emailed to event organisers 2-3 weeks after FS and will be redeemable for as many agents that were verified for that event.

We look forward to seeing everyone’s awesome group photos celebrating IngressFS and Ingress’ Partners this weekend!

* Fev Games and IFS-UN were not compensated for this. We simply want to help promote the official partners that help keep Ingress going.