Ingress Peace Week

Hello Agents! Researchers have identified a temporary change occuring in the Portal Network!


Event Details

Our highly XM-sensitive Researchers are hearing it from the XM Network. It is a message for Peace. Our Researchers believe that the message was brought to life by the shared aspiration of numerous Agents around the world, rather than any exogenous force. From Thursday 15 September, 16:00 UTC to Monday 26 September, 16:00 UTC…

In order to connect with the portal message, NIA Researchers say that Agents can link portals together to encourage the message of Peace. During this period, the Ingress Scanner is expected to exhibit the following behaviors:

    • Kinetic energy distance for Very Rare Heat Sink reduced from 8km to 4km
    • Links shorter than 8km in length can be created under Fields (all other preconditions still apply)
    • Portal Hacks will yield more Portal Keys
    • 8-minute Drone cooldown
    • New Glyph Sequences related to Peace (We will be tracking these below!)

Medal and More

Peace Link Challenge 2022

NIA Researchers want to encourage Agent participation in this event, so they have created a medal for those that choose to join in. This badge has been witnessed before and we are excited to finally see it come to our scanners.

The Peace Link Challenge medal will be awarded to Agents creating 200 Links.

A new metric Peace Links Created will be added to your Agent Profile for the duration of Ingress Peace Week to help you monitor the number of qualified Links you have created.

Superposition Winning Faction Bonus
By winning the Superposition Anomaly Series, all Agents in Resistance have earned a boost during this event. Each Link they create will be taken as 1.25 Links in the event metric. Please note that Faction status is counted at the time of Link creation when calculating an event bonus, so Faction changes before or after Link creation will not change the Peace Links Created metric.


Also available during the event period in the Ingress Store:

Free Peace Week Bundle (0 CMU; single redeem; for accounts older than 30 days)

        • 1 Peace Beacon
        • 9 Rare Heat Sink

Peace Beacon (1,000 CMU)


I’m looking forward to this event Agents, and i hope that you will be able to enjoy this event yourselves. Don’t forget to post your adventures and fun during this event with the hashtag #IngressPeace. If you plan to participate, please follow your areas health and safety guidelines. See you out there!