Ingress Prime APK Teardown [2.43.4]

Hi everyone and welcome back to another Ingress Prime teardown. We’ve been quiet for the past few months, because Niantic has been dropping very detailed release notes prior to every version release. This means with every release, the details we’d normally discovered have already been publicized. However, we’ve begun to notice that some details are being left out of change log that seem of interest to the community so with that – we bring you the 2.43.4 teardown.

(Some of these things are already known, but work with us here.)

POI (Sponsors)

  • We noticed some code for
    • “Sponsor Location”
    • “Sponsor POI Report Request”
    • poi_contrib_limit_report_sponsor_content
  • Looks like features for native support for sponsored locations may come. Sponsored locations in REDACTED didn’t look visually different than regular portals and maybe Prime will change that.

Sign in With Apple

  • Lots of code changes to support Apple (new), Facebook and Google combined to all “connect” to a Niantic account.



  • Spawning cube at:
  • This is an interesting development of “PLAYER” Power-ups while the game only previously supported Portal Power-ups
    • (Beacons and Frackers)
  • It is important to note that this introduced the “Boost Service” on a player, currently I see 3 types
    • APEX – “apBoosted”
    • BATTLEBEACON – “?”
    • BATTLEREWARD – “?”


  • EnableMapAvatarSound
    • This was shown with the April 1st – “NL1331” car avatar, in which clicking resulted in “honk honk”
  • EnableResonatorNorthIndicator
    • As it says, an ability to detect which resonator on a portal is in north slot
  • EnableShowOtherMapAvatar
    • Not sure what this means.

Items below have very little details, but are being mentioned because it is unclear whether the shared development between Niantic games is causing this or actual pre-implementation of these features.

Subscription (?)

  • CollectSubscriptionRewards
  • SubscriptionId
  • It was added directly into “Niantic.Ingress.Core.Settings“.
  • This is not out of the ordinary to hear as Niantic employees were even discussing ideas for this on the community forums. This looks to be in initial development.
  • The problem with investigating subscription is the word is commonly used in programming for “subscribing” an object to updates.

Battles (?)

  • BattleBeaconInfo
    • BattleBeacon
    • BattleReward
  • WinnerTeam
  • I noticed the above strings being added in this release. It caught my eye, because I don’t think “Beacons” exist in other Niantic games.
    • So a battle that is denoted via wording like Beacon leads me to believe this is Ingress involved.


While Niantic has provided very detailed change logs – we’ve found an avenue for “in development” features. We may be back with continued teardowns. Stay safe agents.