Ingress Prime APK Teardown [2.44.1]

Hi everyone and welcome back to another Ingress Prime teardown. We’ve noticed a few more unannounced features in development, so with that – here is our deep dive into Prime 2.44.1.


Battle Beacons

Yeah this feature is real now. It seems to have taken some real development in last cycle with localization and assets being added.

  • It appears this feature is alerted in comms when it is deployed, probably much like a regular beacon or fracker.
    • Though this beacon seem to be much larger, probably to match what an active raid appears like in a familiar game.
  • However, it seems to have a scoreboard and rounds attached to it.
    • 6 rounds
    • Points per round.
  • What are the rounds? – No idea.
  • The code seems to also support an “NIA” iteration of the beacon. My guess is that while players can spawn their own, Niantic can also roll these out branded as their own.
    • There is no asset to suggest NIA owned battle beacons, but the code supports it.
  • Rewards seem attached to the Battle Beacon
    • IsBattleBeaconReward
  • Thankfully, there seems to be a tutorial in development to explain this feature – “ShowBattleBeaconTutorialGui

Item(s) below have very little details, but are being mentioned because it is unclear whether the shared development between Niantic games is causing this or actual pre-implementation of these features.

Capacity Reward (?)

  • There was code added mentioning “InventoryCapacityReward“. It is too early to dig further into this.
  • However, why add a ton of variables for “InventoryCapacity” and “Award” regarding capacity?
    • Is this indicating a change for capacity in the inventory? With the ability to raise it?


The bulk of the development looks to be internal upgrades and the continued development of Battle Beacons. The official announcement or sneak peek must be near. Stay safe agents and we will see you on the next release.