Ingress Prime APK Teardown [2.48.2]

Hi everyone and welcome back to another Ingress Prime teardown. While the release notes are missing some key development progress, we have a few more details to go into regarding subscriptions, uploads, battle beacons, drones and more!


Dronenet Button Icon

The highly discussed surprise feature in 2.47.2 has returned for more details. We’ve learned this is known as Drone Mark 1, so this is the first iteration. We’ve noticed two things:

Drone Items

There is an entire new class of items known as DroneItems – this new group of items is not like the current collection of player items, so not sure what yet fits in that category. It appears that maybe this isn’t a classification, but a collection. Since the below snippet shows the hacking power of a Drone.

Drone Features

public const CustomActionEnum DroneGlyphHack = 13;
public const CustomActionEnum DroneHack = 14;
public const CustomActionEnum DroneMove = 15;
public const CustomActionEnum DronenetEntered = 16;
public const CustomActionEnum DroneRecall = 17;

We saw some code finally tying a custom action for moving, recalling, hacking and glyph hacking to a Drone. So this is making this feature quite interesting of the true purpose. With Pokemon having remote raid passes and Harry Potter having the Knight Bus, Ingress must be developing some sort of remote interaction.


We cannot upload the audio, but we noticed some new audio related to the drone.

public const VoiceoverClip dronenet_deployed = 220;
public const VoiceoverClip dronenet_compromised = 221;

Battle Beacons

The audio is here, which helps kinda tie the feature together. Listed below are all filenames:

  • battle_beacon
  • bb_completed
  • bb_check_point
  • bb_number_[1-6]
  • bb_checkpoint_final_complete
  • bb_deployed
  • bb_warning_1_minute
  • bb_warning_30_second
  • bb_challenge_initiated
  • bb_to_final_checkpoint
  • bb_victory
  • bb_by_the_enlightened
  • bb_by_the_resistance

Random Things

  • Subscription “purchased” items now log to the client, so it can react to purchases.
  • A configurable value for max upload speed for uploads. (Defaults to 1042kb)
  • Analytics can now log major game events on the device
    • Portal loaded
    • Return to scene from Portal
  • Debug mode was added back (NIA Testing)
    • Request Item or Key
    • Teleport
    • Performance Logging
    • Skip Onboarding
    • Unlock all
    • Adjust level

If you are reading this and think debug mode will affect you. Stop. It was in redacted very early in development and presumably used for the test version of Ingress or isolated corrections when nefarious actors are present – (NIAOPSDAEMON / NIACHAOSMONKEY)


There are so many features unreleased, will this be a large release? A combined roll out? To recap again, this is what we are waiting on:

  • Battle Beacons
  • Fireworks
  • Drones
  • Subscriptions
  • App Rating(s)
  • Sponsored POI marker
  • Stop comms auto-scrolling during update – Added in 2.48.2

Interesting times with all these features nearing release. Till next time agents.