Ingress Prime APK Teardown [2.49.1]

Hi everyone and welcome back to another Ingress Prime teardown. While the release notes are a pretty good indicator of changes, we only found a few things worth noting.


The drone is live now and its features are known – jump around via nearby portals and hack them (without obtaining a key). With that knowledge, we saw some additional feature development which appears to be squashing bugs more-so than changing anything.

private const string DRONE_RETURNED_KEY = "DRONE_RETURNED";

It looks like a lot of error guards coming in (plus a spelling mistake 🙂 ), but we also noticed a new chunk of code called “Scouting“. It is brand new and too early to tell, but I wonder with the nature of the Drone just exploring if this will tie into this new Scouting feature.

EDIT: The scout code probably has to do with portal scans and the badge for “scouting”.

Additionally, we saw some new code guarding what items something was allowed to be used. Item gates for like a Level 4 trying to use a Level 5 weapon already exist, so I’m unsure what this is meant for.

private bool CanUseItem(IMOAIKKHOAJ item) { }

Battle Beacons

Beacons now have tutorial code, which pretty marks nears the end of this development.

public void SetBattleBeaconTutorialComplete() { }
public bool IsBattleBeaconTutorialCompleted() { }

We’ve talked about this a lot before in the following teardowns:, 2.46.1.

App Rating

This was noted in the release notes, but the app prompt for ratings will arrive. It was described as popping after a level up or badge obtained, but the code allows much flexibility to show the prompt during every minor/major release configurable between amount of updates.

public void SetVersionRateOurAppComplete(int version) { }
public bool DidPlayerCompleteRateOurApp() { }
public int GetVersionRateOurAppCompleted() { }
public void SetVersionRateOurAppPrompt(int version) { }
public int GetVersionRateOurAppPrompted() { }

There is a love-hate relationship in the community with forced prompts to rate, but at the same time – without new agents and a high rating the app will fade and die out.

Conclusion & Unknown

Before ending, we know the feature to prevent comm “jumping” around had some issues with the last release, pretty much breaking comms completely for a subset of agents. Based on crash reports, it looked like a classic bug of trying to merge comm messages with an already existing source. This release we saw a new feature in development known as local comm messages.

public int get_EnableLocalCommMessages() { }
public void set_EnableLocalCommMessages(int value) { }

I imagine this feature will allow comm messages to be stored locally (instead of constantly syncing with a server) to allow a more fluid scrolling and remembering your place. With that, a small teardown this version – till next time agents.