Ingress Prime APK Teardown [2.50.1]

Hi everyone and welcome back to another Ingress Prime teardown. While the release notes are a pretty good indicator of changes, we found a few things worthwhile to blog about.


The firework beacon we first noticed a few versions ago has much more development for localization and graphics. Additionally we noticed it is in the same classification as Powerups. There are both an ENL/RES iteration of this firework.


Battle Beacons

Tutorials have continued development, spawning 3 distinct categories:

  • Rules of Engagement
  • Point Values
  • Category Classification

Additionally the fireworks have a special classification for the battle beacons. Perhaps after one is over the winning team portal automatically gains a firework powerup?

public const BattleBeaconTutorialPage RULES_OF_ENGAGEMENT = 0;
public const BattleBeaconTutorialPage POINT_VALUES = 1;
public const BattleBeaconTutorialPage CATEGORY_CLASSIFICATION = 2;

Black Lives Matter

Niantic is joining companies around the world supporting a great cause, by soon launching a #BLM beacon.

Scouting (Titan)

There is some interesting development here, a new set of functions/properties called:

  • isWhitelistedUser
  • IsPlayerWhitelistedForType(PlayerSubmissionTypeProto type)

This is interesting because maybe this correlates to the sponsored POI feature we saw. Though Titan I thought was the portal scanning feature, so perhaps this is too early in development to draw any conclusions. What we can draw though is the Niantic development team loves tacos.

private const string TEST_NAME = "TACOSAREYUMMYAY";
private const int TEST_SCAN_COUNT = 1234;


Random Things

I saw development for enabled/locked toggles for the following features:

  • Missions
  • Regional Scores
  • Dronenet
  • Tickets (?)
  • POI Submission

This was interesting, because this functionality already exists at the global level. (IE – Niantic can turn off Dronenet for specific versions of the app). It is too early to draw any more conclusions.

Finally, I saw something that could opt specific items out of inventory checks. Perhaps you are allowed to continue to get certain items no matter if at item cap.

private bool ShouldCountTowardsInventory(Item item) { }


It seems Battle Beacons are nearing the end of development and lots of other interesting things to note are starting off. Till next time agents.