Ingress Shards are Returning

BREAKING NEWS – Shards may be returning for the next anomaly series, and they’re coming up soon!

Not sure what shards are? Click here for our rundown!

We only have an initial unverified leak, but based on that, here’s what we can see so far:

Official source has released the document that was previously the “unverified” leak.

  • Shards will start spawning on February 11
  • There will be 3 phases, each lasting 2 weeks.
  • 3 sets of shards in Phase 1 (Feb 11-25), with 13 targets
  • 5 sets of shards in Phase 2 (Feb 25-Mar 11) with between 7 and 12 targets
  • 5 sets of shards in Phase 3 (Mar 11-25) with 6 targets
  • Targets will relocate at end of every phase
  • Shards only travel on portals p7 or higher
  • Shards will “jump” every 5 hours – aligned with checkpoint times.

What we don’t know is how many shards will be in a set, where they will spawn, how often, where the targets will be, or how often they will jump.

Strictly speculating – but we can infer that this will start before the initial anomaly dates, and probably finish at the same time. Maybe we’ll see two rounds to the anomaly, early and late March?

We will keep updating this post as more information becomes available!

Links to the original unverified leak, and the unverified follow up full text, with February 6th updated document text.