Ingress Teardown – Bonus (Store Details)

Welcome back to an extended special teardown post. This week has been crazy with the launch of 1.83.5, which had enough details to warrant a Google Plus style teardown. We stumbled upon some details today that we had to share. We spotted, server side, an update which led us to believe another version is near.

This upcoming version: 1.84.0, as of right now, will have the Store enabled we talked about in 1.83.

So of course we took a peek to see what the Store will be selling. This data is not fake. Unlike other images shown around Google Plus where “fake” items were injected into the Store. These items were populated from Niantic’s servers themselves.

Key Locker – 3,700 CMU

Store 100 Portal Keys outside of Inventory Limit.



7,000 CMU

Exchange Chaotic Matter Units for items.



15,000 CMU

Exchange Chaotic Matter Units for items.


32,000 CMU

Exchange Chaotic Matter Units for items.




90,000 CMU

Exchange Chaotic Matter Units for items.



200,000 CMU

Exchange Chaotic Matter Units for items.





Wow. That was quite the mouthful. So I’ve written a tiny FAQ below.


Q: What does CMU stand for?
Chaotic Matter Unit


Q: What is the conversion from CMU -> some currency?
A: We have no idea.


Q: Is this real?
As real as responses from Niantic servers get.


Q: So the Key Capsule has to be purchased?
Well we are not entirely sure. There seems to be an avenue to purchase one, but it could still be available to hack at a very low rate. We simply don’t know.


Q: Fishfood? What?
A: The itemId of the “Key Locker” is “com.nianticlabs.ingress.key_locker.fishfood“. Not sure why they added fishfood to itemId.


Q: What items are being sold?
A: Not sure what items are contained in those packs.


It’s important to note that all of this data is being viewed before the public release of the Store. Things can change and we don’t completely understand how this will function in the ecosystem of Ingress.

Thanks a ton to Daniel Benton, whose post led us to check the servers for information this late at night 🙂 and Dean Nielson for the featured image.