(Almost) Forever Passcodes

In Ingress, most passcodes expire after x amount of uses. However, occasionally Niantic releases passcodes that last for a very large number of uses! Here we provide you with a list of those passcodes that we know of. We will keep this page updated, so feel free to pass it around to your communities and locals and comment below to keep us up to date if you find some fully redeemed, or know of new ones. Change log is at the bottom with what changes were made and when, so you can check there for updates. The table below is sortable by each column, so if you are looking for a particular item just click the column header. Enjoy!

3ouv7wu5a4X8 *10R8 *10US8 *5 PC8 *5RS *5
2973carrie98X3 *6R3 *4CS MH50 XM
alignment9nb75yo5X3 *5R3 *5CSHS
cassandra3wh77rg4X2 *5R2 *5US2T
cern2vb46cn7X1 *5R1 *5CSMH
farlowe2ft72ym5X2 *5R2 *5CST
inveniri2he69ar3X2 *5R2 *5US2FA
jarvis2kn66cz2X3 *5R3 *5US3T
message6ca48vf7X1 *5R1 *5CSMH
minotaur8bb28et5X2 *5R2 *5US2T
powercube5yn73em6X1 *5R1 *5CSFA
spacetime4je35kf5X4 *4R4 *4US4FA
vi9uh67mo6X1 *4R1 *450 AP50 XM
ni9gq92to9X4 *5R4 *5CSLA
80jdfitmarX *10R *10US *5 PC *5RS *5
alignment3qh24up8X1 *5R1 *5CSCHS
lvboynxaieR1 *10CHS *2 CMH *2 PC1 *101000 XM
5NOY8NNT5NX *10R *10US *5 PC *5RS *5
JFEM4TW4PQ78UXFNX *10R *10US *5 PC *5CS *5
ffve2cb2na23ykdqX *10R *10US *5 PC *5PS *5
motr4uv3ku63vagnX *10R *10US *5 PC *5CS *5
NLTWENTY17X *4R *4PS *2 PC *2250 AP 250 XM
QNOD8CB2NA74UHOVX *10R *10US *5 PC *5CS *5
xkrq7tq5gy68kkjgX *10R *10US *5 PC *5CS *5
phillips4tq82tp9X2 *5R2 *5CSCHS
fayb7xx2gc33repgX *10R *10US *5 PC *5CS *5
qqkt8ux5dj89udkcX *10R *10US *5 PC *5CS *5
evbh2gg8vm76pttjX *10R *10US *5 PC *5CS *5
tqc94ak659pnX *10R *10US *5 PC *5CS *5
gmcr9uq6fg92tekyX *10R *10US *5 PC *5CS *5
antimagnus9wm29qt5 X4 *4R4 *4T
aegis9bg38nf5R3 *5X4 *5FA
bletchley6bw79uu3R1 *5X1 *5CST
brainwave7xx77kf6R4 *5X4 *4CS
creative3nc46wp7R3 *5X3 *5US3CHS
glyphs4gt83bm4R1 *5X1 *5US1LA
recursion8pj38fq4R4 *5X3 *4PC4
wolfe4oc63dd5R4 *5X4 *5CSFA

Note: the X*10/R*10 codes have items at the player level

Update history:

  • 2017/07/21 – dropped dead (FR) codes
  • 2017/07/21 – added antimagnus9wm29qt5, aegis9bg38nf5, bletchley6bw79uu3, brainwave7xx77kf6, creative3nc46wp7, glyphs4gt83bm4, recursion8pj38fq4, wolfe4oc63dd5
  • 2017/06/28 – added gmcr9uq6fg92teky
  • 2017/06/21 – removed (FR): artifact4tt67xg9, creativity4pb44pf6, deaddrop6bf98mr2, evolution2gu76gm3, ingress3nd85fu9, jackland4dz47yf6, johnson4yn13db2, roland7br76tp5, susanna7og34vw3, timezero2qm72ut8; added tqc94ak659pn
  • 2017/05/11 – cleaned out dupes. susanna7og34vw3, timezero2qm72ut8, vi9uh67mo6, ni9gq92to9, 80jdfitmar, alignment3qh24up8, lvboynxaie, 5NOY8NNT5N, JFEM4TW4PQ78UXFN
  • 2017/05/10 – removed creativity2pc98zp5, creativity4pb44pf6, ezekiel3xh34ug4, field4mo46jx6, susanna3ku75cm9, vi2jo15nd0 [FR]
  • 2017/04/19 – removed algorithm9ek27ux3, artifact3ne73hh3, creative3vk97yv4, cube8mk95jj7, deaddrop7dt73am6, devra2gt69qx7, field4mo46jx6, glyph6yt84kt8, lightman4tm34zf3, ni7up28fu6, vi2jo15nd0; added ffve2cb2na23ykdq, motr4uv3ku63vagn, NLTWENTY17, QNOD8CB2NA74UHOV, xkrq7tq5gy68kkjg, phillips4tq82tp9, fayb7xx2gc33repg, qqkt8ux5dj89udkc 
  • 2016/08/23 – removed jackland8vf92qz5, glyph7jb25yw3, lightman8nd48zb2, ingress9tu32jk7,  resonate6wb48ec4, hubert4su42qt2, powercube3hu72ut7, symbols4ye57bs7,  vi9rp62ex1
  • 2016/07/29 – added 5noy8nnt5n // removed drone9rc88jy5, evolution6xu68ru7, ezekiel7eu89au4, hulong7tr85ub6, inveniri2hc78yy4, johnson3fx84aw9, kureze3ft26jc6, message5ka73rp4, minotaur8dm83gg5, timezero2kk78gx5, vi9bb02fk7 [FR]
  • 2016/06/29 – removed drone5sg25ez6, johnson3ba26qb2, roland8cx62mk4 [FR]
  • 2016/06/20 – removed voynich8cg82pb6 [FR], added ni9gq92to9, 80jdfitmar, alignment3qh24up8, lvboynxaie
  • 2016/06/07 – removed ada9yv83mp5, cassandra2yu35cp6, chaotic5gg23pf9, evolve5uu33zd4, evolve7yo65nm9, wolfe7jq38cj3, field5jk36yh6, glyphs6gj75yq2, green3ou25jt4, green7dv85mp8, hubert6db54fa6, jarvis5ye63mv9, kureze2sg38gt2, moyer4wr38qz8, moyer5pp56fg2, niantic4rv29wc6, niantic9ns77ww9, phillips6wc29mc7, portal7cc88cd2, resonate3yd72he7, spacetime7ap46rr6, tycho7vu99ta2, tycho9uo99qa2 [FR]
  • 2016/03/23 – added 2973carrie98, 3ouv7wu5a4, cassandra3wh77rg4, cern2vb46cn7, creative3nc46wp7, spacetime4je35kf5 // removed vi8zu85il7, voynich6sx52zr5 [FR]
  • 2016/03/24 – removed ada3zc36qq9 [FR]
  • 2016/03/28 – removed algorithm9gh35cj3, bletchley9ob65ca4, blue3dg99cm6, cern5wu99oq2, conflict5av38pw2, cube8aa87xd2 [FR]