Installing mods allows you to upgrade a portal with certain enhancements. Each portal has four mod slots, each of which can hold one mod. Once a mod is installed, it cannot be upgraded or removed; the only way to get rid of it is to destroy it or allow the portal to decay. Installing mods helps you progress towards the Engineer medal.


To install a mod on a portal, you must fulfill the following prerequisites:

  • The target portal must be owned by your faction.
  • You must be standing within 40 meters of the portal.
  • You must have the mod you wish to install in your inventory.
  • You must have enough XM to cover the cost of installation (see table below).
  • The portal must have at least one open mod slot.
  • You must not own more than one mod already installed on the portal.

How to Install a Mod

Select the portal, then tap the mod slots at the upper-right, or swipe diagonally up and right from the “Deploy” button. You will be shown the portal’s four mod slots and the mods are currently installed in them (if any). Tap an empty slot to select it, and a carousel will appear showing all the mods in your inventory. As you scroll the carousel, the portal status panel at the upper-right will reflect the change the portal’s stats if you were to install the selected mod. Scroll the carousel until the mod you wish to install is in the brackets, then tap “Install.” Installing a mod grants 125 AP, but costs XM based on the mod’s rarity:

Rarity Cost
Common 400 XM
Rare 800 XM
Very Rare 1,000 XM


  • 12 February 2013: The AP reward for installing mods is removed.
  • 12 August 2013: Mods become viewable on enemy portals.
  • 29 August 2013: A mod installation limit of one mod per agent on a portal is introduced. Installing mods once again grants AP.
  • 31 August 2013: The per-agent mod installation limit is raised to two.
  • 21 March 2014: Heat sinks are modified to instantly reset portal cooldown and burnout on installation.
  • 5 November 2018: The mod UI gets an update with the release of Ingress Prime, but the functionality is basically unchanged.