The navigation feature causes the scanner to highlight a location on your scanner and provide you with visible and audible updates of its direction and distance. This may be of use to you when attempting to locate portals with which you are unfamiliar.


To navigate to a portal, select the portal and tap the “Navigate” button on its information card. You can also use the radial menu for navigating to a portal or an arbitrary location: simply long press on any location and select the “Navigate” option, which is on the left side of the radial menu.

While navigation is active, ADA will give periodic audio updates of the direction and distance to the target. Additionally, this information will appear on an orange on-screen indicator. If the target is a portal, you will also see an image of the portal and its current level, and the color of the word “level” and the background color of the indicator will show the portal’s current faction alignment.

Navigation will be cancelled automatically when the target enters your action range (40 meters). If you wish to cancel navigation without arriving at your destination, tap the orange indicator. If the target is a portal, you’ll be taken to the portal information card, where you can tap “Nav Off” to cancel navigation. If the target is an arbitrary location, a “Nav Off” button will appear next to the indicator itself; tap it to cancel navigation.

Guidance When No Portals Are Visible

If no portals are visible on your scanner, you may see indicators showing the distance and direction to up to three nearby portals. This is similar to navigation, but it cannot be disabled, and the indicators disappear automatically as soon as a portal becomes visible on the scanner. Note that the portal(s) called out by this feature are usually but not necessarily the closest one(s).


This feature was introduced on 13 June 2013.