Overclocking is an alternate way to glyph hack a portal that can produce as much as four times the regular glyph hack yield.

Portal Eligibility

Only portals which have been calibrated to our reality are eligible to be overclocked. A portal becomes reality calibrated when it receives sufficient portal scans. Calibrated portals are marked in the scanner view with a gold octahedron.

Scanner Eligibility

Only scanners with Niantic Lightship AR enabled are able to overclock portals. Visit the Settings screen in the scanner to enable this setting.


An overclocked glyph hack can essentially perform multiple hacks at once. The number of hacks consumed by an overclocked hack is equal to the number of hacks remaining for the portal before burnout, or four, whichever is lesser. (This means that a portal that has four or fewer hacks before burnout will be burned out immediately by a single overclocked hack.) On completing an overclocked hack, you will receive all the items and AP for those hacks at once. The number of hacks consumed is expressed as a multiplier and is displayed on the screen when you perform an overclocked hack.

How to Overclock

  1. Move within 20 meters of a calibrated portal. (This is half the usual hack range.)
  2. Tap the portal to open the portal’s information card, then tap the bright gold “Overclock” button to the right of the hack menu.
  3. The command channel will open as with a normal glyph hack, allowing you to enter any desired command glyphs.
  4. Your scanner’s camera will be activated, and you’ll be prompted to move your scanner around to calibrate its view of the portal. When calibration is successful, a dialog will appear informing you of the hack multiplier. Tap “Continue.”
  5. You will be asked to point it in the direction where you want the glyph hack terminal deployed. When you are satisfied with the position, tap “Deploy.”
  6. The “four-dimensional tesseract terminal” will be shown in the augmented reality view, and the glyph hack timer starts counting down.
  7. A glyph will appear traced on the tesseract. Adjust your scanner’s position and orientation as needed to get a clear view of the glyph. The glyph will glow brighter the closer you get to the correct view.
  8. Once you know what the glyph is, tap the glyph hack button near the bottom of the screen.
  9. The traditional glyph hack interface will appear. Trace the glyph as normal.
  10. Repeat the previous three steps for all the glyphs in the sequence.
  11. You will receive the glyph hack rewards, with the overclocking multiplier applied.


  • 1 June 2023: The overclock functionality was released.