Agents can submit edits of portals to be evaluated via Niantic Wayfarer. They can also submit portal removals to Niantic.

To access this fuctionality, tap the portal to bring up its information card, then tap the name, description, level, or photo of the portal. Then tap the menu button at the upper-right to bring up the contribution screen. Agents have a limited number of contributions they can submit, but are given more over time as they’re used.

Edit Title

  1. Tap “Edit Title.”
  2. Enter a new title.
  3. Tap “OK.”
  4. Wait for an email from Niantic. No AP is awarded for title edits.

Add Photo

  1. Tap “Add Photo.”
  2. Tap “Take Photo” to snap a new photo, or “Existing Photo” to select a photo you took previously.
  3. Take or select the photo you wish to submit.
  4. Tap “Submit.”
  5. Wait for an email from Niantic. If they accept the photo, you get 500 AP.

Scan Portal

This is a new feature that is not widely available yet to agents. This section will be updated as we learn more about it.

Edit Location

  1. Tap “Edit Location.”
  2. Drag the map until the purple marker is at the portal’s correct location.
  3. Tap “Submit.”
  4. Wait for an email from Niantic. No AP is awarded for location edits.

Add / Edit Description

  1. Tap “Add / Edit Description.”
  2. Enter a new description.
  3. Tap “OK.”
  4. Wait for an email from Niantic. No AP is awarded for adding or editing descriptions.

Report Invalid Portal

  1. Tap “Report Invalid Portal.”
  2. Select the box that best describes why the portal is invalid:
    • No pedestrian access
    • Obstructs or interferes with emergency services
    • Private residential property
    • School (up to K-12)
    • Permanently removed from this location
    • Duplicate of another portal
  3. Tap “SEND.”
  4. Wait for an email from Niantic. No AP is awarded for removing invalid portals.

Some notes about reporting invalid portals:

  • The criteria for getting a portal removed are more strict than the criteria for rejecting it as a nomination. After all, it has the weight of a Wayfarer acceptance behind it. The fact that you think it should not have passed Wayfarer may not be sufficient reason for it to be removed.
  • Don’t report a portal as invalid simply because an enemy agent favors it. Trying to get valid portals removed is not cool.
  • If a portal exists but has a bad name, description, photo, or location, don’t report it as invalid. Edit the portal instead.
  • Niantic has clarified that existing portals on military bases are acceptable (as long as they don’t interfere with base operations), even if the general public is not permitted access to them, though new ones are to be rejected. However, some military bases have started demanding that Niantic remove portals on their grounds, due to concerns that agents will attempt to gain unauthorized access to the base. Don’t be the idiot that gets hauled off to prison (or SHOT) because you tried to get into a military base without authorization!