Recycling an item in your inventory converts it to XM, which is then added to your reserves. The original item is destroyed.

How to Recycle

Tap the “Ops” button and select “Inventory.” Find the item you wish to recycle and select it. Tap the “+” and “-” buttons as needed to select how many of that item to recycle. Tap “Recycle” to convert the items to XM. Recycling a capsule will award XM for the capsule and all the items inside it. Note that any XM you receive that exceeds your scanner’s XM capacity is lost; the recycle screen will display a warning if the recycle action shown would exceed your XM capacity.

Premium items (those which must be purchased from the store) cannot be recycled.


If you have a bunch of items you don’t want, you can load them into a capsule. Recycling that capsule will recycle all the items in it, turning it into sort of a ghetto power cube.

Recycle Values

Different types of items yield different amounts of XM when recycled. The table below shows how much XM you get for recycling an item (higher rows take priority over lower ones):

Description Recycle Value
XM Tank* 160 XM
Power Cube 1,000 XM per level
Portal Key 500 XM
Leveled items 20 XM per level
Very Rare item 100 XM
Rare item 80 XM
Common item 40 XM
Very Common item 20 XM

* Note: An XM tank can only be recycled by putting it in a capsule and recycling the capsule.


  • 25 April 2013: Recycling is introduced.
  • 13 June 2013: The recycling dialog is overhauled.
  • 18 June 2014: Bulk recycling becomes available. (Before this, agents were obliged to recycle items one at a time.)
  • 9 December 2015: The XM value of recycled keys increases from 20 XM to 500 XM.
  • 19 February 2016: Recycling a power cube now gives the same amount of XM as using it. (Before, it only gave 20 XM per level. Accidentally recycling a power cube used to be downright tragic!)