The share functionality allows agents to capture images from the scanner application, then send them using the built-in sharing functionality on their mobile device. You can use it to share portal status, an agent profile, and various scoring screens. You can also share a screenshot when you level up or get a new medal.

Portal Status

The share icon appears at the upper-right corner of the portal information screen. Tapping it will share an image that shows the following information:

Agent Profile

You can share any agent’s profile by tapping the share icon at the top right. This takes a full screenshot of the profile, including the parts you would have to scroll down to see, and excludes your device’s notification bar, so it is much better to use the share button than your device’s native screenshot functionality.


The share icon appears on the global and regional scoring screens, and the top regional agents list screen.


The popup which appears when you level up or get a new medal has a share icon on it; tapping it will take a screenshot that you can share. Note that currently there’s a bug where the achievement popup will sometimes be partially faded out when it takes the screenshot; you can use native screenshot ability on your device to get around this.