A Resistance agent’s AP displayed on their profile

Access Points (sometimes referred to as Action Points and commonly called AP) constitute your “score” in Ingress. Various actions will award you AP. Reaching certain AP thresholds is a requirement for leveling up.

You can view your current AP at any time by tapping the meters circling your avatar at the top-left of the scanner screen. This will cause your current AP to appear briefly at the top of the screen. It’s also on your profile, which you can view by tapping your avatar at the upper-left of the scanner screen. You can also view how much AP other agents have by looking at their profiles: long press their agent name and select “View Player Profile.”

AP for Game Actions

Action AP Gain
Recharging resonators 10 AP
Upgrading another agent’s resonator 65 AP
Destroying a resonator 75 AP
Hacking an enemy portal 100 AP
Deploying a resonator 125 AP
Installing a mod 125 AP
Destroying a link 187 AP
Fully powering a portal (bonus) 250 AP
Creating a link 313 AP
Capturing a portal (bonus) 500 AP
Deploying a beacon 500 AP
Deploying a portal fracker 500 AP
Improved portal photo approved 500 AP
Destroying a control field 750 AP
Portal submission approved 1,000 AP
Creating a control field 1,250 AP
Recruiting an agent 3,000 AP
Redeeming a passcode varies
Glyph hacking varies


  • Before 24 January 2013, upgrading resonators and recharging granted no AP.
  • Between 12 February and 29 August 2013, deploying mods granted no AP.
  • The AP progress bar was added to the scanner on 24 September 2013.
  • Before 4 March 2015, glyph hacking awarded no bonus AP.