battle is an agent-hosted competition between factions for control of a portal.

The battle beacon

Starting a Battle

To start a battle, an agent must acquire a battle beacon from the store, then deploy it on a portal. Battle beacons cost 5,000 CMU and can only be purchased by agents with at least 40M AP. Battle beacons cannot be deployed on any portal that already has a beacon deployed (except for fireworks).

Battle Rules

A battle consists of five rounds. Each round lasts three minutes. During each round, agents attempt to control the portal. When the portal is neutralized, the other faction has a brief window of time to capture it. When a round ends, the faction who controls the portal will earn points. There are a total of 12 points to be won in a battle, distributed among the five rounds as follows:

Round Points
1 1
2 2
3 2
4 3
5 4

After each of the first four rounds, the portal will switch faction alignment, retaining all resonators and mods.


At the end of the battle, the portal will switch to the control of the faction that earned the most points during the battle, and a victory emblem for that faction will appear above the portal for four hours.

A category (Category-I through Category-VI) will be assigned to the portal according to the level of agent activity from both factions during the battle. The portals hack output will be boosted, with higher-category portals receiving stronger boosts.


  • 29 September 2020: The battles feature is announced.