The comm panel allows you to communicate with other agents, and also provides a stream of some agent actions.

Open the panel by tapping the comm tab located at the bottom-right corner of your scanner. It is also available at the lower-left corner of the intel map. In your scanner, there is a range slider located just below the tab strip; it is recommended that you adjust this to only show you chatter and actions from your local area. On the intel map, there is a checkbox that allows you to filter the comm to only show chatter and actions from the displayed map area. At the bottom of  the comm panel in both the scanner and the intel map is a text field where you can type messages to other agents.

The comm panel has three tabs:

  • “All” shows agent actions, chat messages (public and private) from your faction, and public chat messages from the opposite faction. Messages from friendly agents which are not visible to the enemy are displayed with a “[secure]” annotation next to them. Chat messages that you submit while this tab is selected will be visible to all agents.
  • “Faction” shows only secure messages between members of your faction. Chat messages that you submit while this tab is selected will only be visible to members of your faction. (But see the caveat in the last paragraph.)
  • “Alerts” shows attacks on your portals and people mentioning you by name (see below).

Every action displayed in the comm will show the portal at which that action occurred. You can quickly jump to view that portal by clicking on its name.

When someone mentions your call sign by putting an at-sign (@) in front of it, an orange notification icon will appear next to the comm tab in your scanner; you can click this icon to view the message. Clicking agent’s call sign in the comm panel will automatically insert a mention of that agent into the comm input field to make it more convenient to direct a message to a particular agent. (Make sure to select the “Faction” tab if you don’t want the opposition to see your message!)

Long pressing an agent call sign anywhere in the scanner app will call up a menu of options:

  • View Player Profile: View that agent’s profile.
  • Send Message: Inserts the agent’s call sign (prepended with an at-sign) into the comm entry field so you can send them a message. If the comm tab is visible, it will automatically pop open when you do this. Otherwise, you will have to go back to the main scanner screen to see it.
  • Block agent in COMM: Hides any messages sent by the agent, and suppresses any notifications that would normally be caused by the agent using your call sign in a message. You will still see their activity, however. If you change your mind, the “Device” tab of the ops screen has an option that will let you unblock a previously-blocked agent.

Reach out in the comm and in online communities to find high-level agents in your area; they can help you level up! Leveling is much harder when attempted solo. Be aware, however, that the comm and some online communities may contain enemy moles. Be careful not to discuss sensitive details about your faction’s activities on insecure channels. Many local cells set up verified communities and chat channels for secure communication. The most common chat platforms in use in Ingress communities are Google Hangouts, Slack, Telegram and Discord.


  • The “Alerts” tab appeared in the comm panel on 24 September 2013.
  • On 9 October 2013, the comm began displaying notices when agents created links, and long-pressing agent names to view their profile or send them a message became possible.
  • Blocking other agents in comm became possible on 5 December 2013.
  • On 6 March 2014, the range filter in the comm panel became more granular.